The building at 1009 Clark St. has a long history in the Stevens Point community. Fond memories of veterans gathering, of Friday fish fries, weddings and a variety of live music over the years brought life to the former American Legion Hall.

This location has become THE WORD, a place our community can gather, and a place where more memories are made among a community of believers in Christ.  

We are a Christian group in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, seeking to serve our community as a whole, as well as the campuses of UW-Stevens Point and Mid State Technical College. 

We are now worshiping at 10:30 AM Sunday morning! We would love to meet you!

Core beliefs

  • We believe in one true God who reveals himself as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe God created mankind with the intent that He would live forever with them in a personal and loving relationship.

  • We believe mankind rebelled against God and that sin brought an end to that relationship.

  • We believe that all human beings are sinners and deserve death and hell.

  • We believe that there is nothing a human being can say or do to restore this relationship.

  • We believe that God continues to love all mankind and in that love decided He would rescue us from the damnation we deserve.

  • We believe that God sent his Son, true God, born of a woman, a true human being, as a Substitute for all mankind.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ, our Substitute, lived the sinless life God demands of us and paid every penalty for every sin we have ever committed by his death on the cross.

  • We believe our salvation was confirmed by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

  • We believe that deliverance from hell and life with God comes to all who have faith in Jesus Christ as their only Savior.

  • We believe that such a faith is worked in our hearts by God’s power as it comes to us through THE WORD, his unchangeable and perfect message found in the Bible.


THE WORD is an extension of Divine Word Lutheran Church in Plover, Wisconsin, and a member congregation of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, aka The WELS.